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Welcome to JungeLiebe, the place where the most diverse artists meet and present their unique works. With us, painting, photography and drawings merge into a fascinating variety of artistic expressions. We are proud to be a vibrant platform for all creatives who share their passion for art and enrich the world with their unique talents.

Whether you're an art lover looking for a new gem to add to your collection or a curious newbie just diving into the world of art, JungeLiebe is the place for you. Dive into our inspiring gallery and be enchanted by the abundance of artistic expressions. Experience the magic when talent and passion come together to create stunning works of art. We invite you to become part of our creative family and discover the beauty of art at JungeLiebe.


Our collaboration with artists and production partners is of great importance to us. We believe that the art world should be a close-knit community where talent is nurtured and valued. That's why we have built a close relationship with our artists, allowing them to bring their passion and creativity to their work.

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Our collection is the heart of JungeLiebe and impresses with its uniqueness and diversity. Here, art lovers will find a wide range of works, from minimalist and atmospheric nature photography to inspiring architecture. Each piece tells its own story and reflects the individuality of the artist who created it.

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At JungeLiebe we focus on individuality and uniqueness. There are no mass-produced goods with us. Each work of art is unique and is specially made to measure according to your wishes. We attach great importance to quality and work only with selected materials and production partners who can fulfill our high quality promise. So you can be sure that you hold a work of art in your hands, which is not only visually impressive, but also durable and of the highest quality.